Security & Safeguarding Systems
Security & Safeguarding Systems
Elitsec Kft contructs reliable security systems for you. We design and install these systems with full documentation. Maintenance contract ensures that our system will work continuously. Simple entry points and difficult biometric authentication systems are also available from as, these system can be used for different purposes. Safeguarding and alarm systems can be used for larger areas. You can also use license plate recognition systems to check cars. Document reading and authentication systems can be used in case of high security demands. To get more information please contact us. Elitsec Kft.
Security and safeguarding systems.
Our offers for security technology

Entry points, entry gates
Entry points: planning, construction, maintenance
Complete monitoring systems: planning, construction, maintenance
Video system for patrol activities
Patrol activity checking system
Vehicle entry check, license plate recognition
Document reading, document recognition

Entry points, entry gates

entry points The simplest unit of security technology is an entry point, where entry gates are used to check personnel traffic. Standalone entry gates are used at certain locations basically to inhibit bi-directional movements or to count number of people at that point. Elitsec Kft deals with delivery, installation and maintenance of different sized entry gates.

Our firm constructs necessary power circuits for electric controlled mechanical gates, so our customers always get a full (turn-key) solution from us. We attach electronic control systems to the existing fire alarm system, or if it is necessary, we construct fire alarm system too. Electric control units are also attached to power network and control unit opens gates in case of fire or powerbreak. (This is necessary in a case of panic; gates must not be obstacles in that case.)

We offer these simple solutions mainly for shops. Our installed systems have warranty from us and we usually offer a maintenance contract for our costumers.

Entry systems (construction,installation, maintenance)

entry points Entry gates can be connected to each other, this system can be called entry system. This more complex system can be used to identify persons who want to enter in protected areas. It can be used at different locations, offices, factories etc. where people have to be identified before entering or exiting a given area. If entry and exit conditioned entry gates are controlled and only permission holders may enter or exit. (Of course fire alarm or powerless opens gates.)

Elitsec Kft has significant experiences in construction of data transmission systems and power supply systems, this knowledge help us to construct security systems. We uses most modern infrastructure of information technology to construct our security systems. We install latest hardware and software solutions for our costumers.

Identification of persons can be executed on very different levels using absolutely different devices. Magnetic stripe cards or RFID cards are most widely used in case of electric based identification systems. These kinds of electronic systems are appropriate at low security level. If you need a higher security level system we offer you high level biometric identification systems. (One of most commonly used system is based on fingerprint identification.)

Application of entry gates is not enough in a case of a protected area. These areas should be supervised using other systems too. Observation of a given area can be solved using monitoring systems. Our company construct monitoring systems, which allow users to monitor different areas continuously, these systems collect different kinds of information voice, picture etc. These data can be evaluated any time. Using an appropriate information technology these systems allows the owner to monitor her/his company via internet (for example from home). You can see such a system in the figure on the left side, that system consists of an entry gate system, which may work independently of monitoring system, which is shown in the lower side of the figure. Monitoring system and entry points are connected with the same data network.

Complete monitoring systems (planning, construction, maintenance)

monitoring system Monitoring systems are widely used to monitor different indoor and outdoor areas. Elitsec Kft offers construction of high level monitoring systems, which are based on the most modern technology, for the costumers. Planning is based on local surveys, according the survey we usually compile a full proposal about the implementation. Our monitoring systems are usually combined with data networks, which allows its users to monitor different events from different locations (even from home).

Our company usually applies IP cameras when constructing monitoring systems, these cameras can transfer pictures via local area network. If it is needed older analogue cameras are used via video servers (so called web-casters), which allows usage of LAN. Center of our monitoring system is usually a DVR server, which collects and displays different information. If it is requested we install a background storage system to store data for longer time.

If a user has appropriate authentication rights, she/he can access DVR server as DVR clients from any point - thanks to LAN technology. Moreover, if LAN system is connected to the Internet, users may access this database from "outside". This means that you may supervise your company via a 3G cell phone when you are on your way somewhere.

We install movement detection software if our costumer want to use monitoring system as alarm system. This software may check pictures of certain cameras, which are important for the costumer. If it is requested we extend the monitoring system with using movement detection hardware elements. We install different movement detection hardware. Indoor areas may be monitored using infrared sensors, in case of outdoor areas we can use step-sensor system also.

Our company installs fire alarm systems to extend our monitoring and alarms systems. Fire alarm systems are also connected to local area network. Fire alarm systems are usually connected to automatic fire extinguisher systems.

Alerts may be transferred to any point of the LAN and they may be used for different kind of actions. Our monitoring systems and alarm systems are used at different locations, please view our references in connection with them. Installed systems have warranty from us and we always offer a yearly maintenance contract to extend their lifetime. If you would like to get more information please contact us via e-mail or phone.

Head camera to help patrolling activities

headcam It can be very important to record some kind of events during patrolling activities. It is necessary usually after taking an action to avoid post quarrels. A camera can do it for your patrols. A camera may record such events or objects, which escape observation on the spot. Our company offers a head camera for these cases, this camera may be used without balking patrols, it is available all the time, it works like a "technical witness", it is monitoring continuously. Police uses such system in Great Britain.

This camera stores picture and sound in MPEG-4 format. The attached background storage of the camera allows recording the whole shift of patrols. The recorded video can be played on TV-s. (PAL and NTSC)

Patrol checking system

Several security systems exist but finally there are people who are working with these systems or instead of these systems. If you have patrol service at your company, it is certain that they have to walk around and watch some areas from time to time. We are sure that you should like to check if they really do their task. We can offer you a patrol checking system, which help you to check patrol activity.

patrol checking Basic function of patrol checking system is to check movement of the patrolmen. Patrol checking system consists of checking units, checkpoints and a docking unit. Patrolmen carry checking unit while he walk on the compulsory path, when they arrive at a checkpoint they put checking unit near to checkpoints device. Checking unit notifies time value and the number of checkpoint and stores it in its memory.

If patrolmen finish their round, data of the checking unit can be downloaded to a computer. This is why this system contain docking unit. Docking unit can be connected to the parallel port of the computer. This system contains a configuration software also. This software can arrange, filter and print the collected data of different checking units. This software also allows the configuration of the whole patrol checking system. It is possible to configure different checkpoint and different paths for the patrolmen. It is also possible to configure checking units.

Checking unit works with batteries. Checking unit become active if only its user tip the unit from vertical to horizontal position. After reading a checkpoint, checking unit switch off automatically after six seconds, it also switches off itself if there was no checkpoint to be read. (It is necessary to spare energy of batteries because it must work for the whole shift of patrolmen.)

Checking unit can store 500 data in its memory. One data means one checkpoint visit. One patrol checking system may contain maximum 99 checking unit. There is no limitations for the number of patrolmen and number of checkpoints.

If you are interested in technologies of patrolling systems (head camera, patrol checking system) please do not hesitate to contact us.

Vehicle entry points, license plate reading

Vehicle entry point, vehicle traffic conditioning is necessary at several locations, where it is purposed because of security or other reasons. Automated license (number) plate reading and recognition became an everyday technology. (ANPR, ALPR) You may also need automated license plate reading system if you want to register vehicles, which enter or exit from your parking area. You may automatically issue or withdraw permissions for different vehicles and it needs only a computer database and a LAN.

license plate recognition - LPR We construct different kinds of license plate reading systems. Positioning a vehicle into an appropriate place (angle) in the picture can be solved with using outside triggering methods. We apply this method rarely because it needs additional works, so it has higher costs for the customers. Most commonly used triggering method uses magnetic loops under the road surface - it is not very cheap. Nowadays, modern software systems are available, which use video trigger method to detect a license plate if there is any in the picture. This method can be used even in mobile applications.

Software systems, which are attached to license plate reading and recognition systems ensures that license plate data can be stored for longer time period and it is possible to post-evaluate them. Our company installs license plate recognition systems, which are connected to local area networks, if your network is connected to the Internet, you may check your parking area from home.

We install barriers also in case of vehicle entry points. Computer controlled barriers will be opened if only vehicle has permission to enter into the given area.

Our experts have many experiences about installation of license plate recognition systems. We have installed several ALPR systems for the Hungarian Borderguards. Those systems had to correspond to high demands, high availability, durable etc. Our company installs only high quality systems independently of their function. These systems are usually connected to other systems installed by us (security systems, LAN, power network). We offer our solutions for parking areas, parkhouses, companies, hotels, police and other organizations.

container number reading Besides automatic license plate recognition we also deal with a less known number recognition, it is named automatic container number recognition. Container numbers must be read several times, when they are shipped in great amount, these locations are railway stations, ship ports and long vehicle parking areas. Automatic container number recognition makes easier registration of container and it allows fixation of their state. In case of a container damage it is very easy to identify if the container was damaged in time of registration or not.

Container number recognition works with simple hand cameras, it is not necessary special hardware units. (Of course software and camera must be tuned to each other.)

Elitsec Kft is tracing continuously the license plate recognition systems of different manufacturers therefore we can choose the most economical solution for our customers. Our installed license plate recognition systems have warranty from us and we usually offer a yearly maintenance contract for the customers. If you are interested in automated license plate recognition please contact us to get more information.

Document reading and recognition systems

document recognition Our experts met the problem of automated passport checking several times during collaboration between Elitsec Kft and the Hungarian Borderguards. This is a document reading and authentication problem. First of all, a document must be authenticated, it must be recognized if it is false or falsified. Then, document holder have to be associated with the document if document holder is equivalent with the person who is listed in the document. This is a duplicated authentication problem.

There are several manufacturers and several type of devices and more number of software, which are said to be competent to do this task. If somebody is not an expert, she/he cannot identify too much differences between these solutions. Almost all solutions of document reading and recognition system is useful from some point of view. There are high requirements against document readers at some areas, but it is very hard to make a decision which system fits to our requirements in a certain case.

You certainly know that the different documents have several security features (infrared, UV etc.). These security features cannot be memorized because these features are changed frequently. If you think only about passport of your country, you can imagine how often your passport have been changed. Of course you may say that this task is not yours, it has to be executed by those officials who are professionals of this theme.

We do not think so! If you are an owner of a hotel or a bank, if you work in a position where it is very important to know who your client is then it is possible that you need some system, which can identify false or falsified documents. If you have less demands - for example you need only a document reader to make your administration faster - we can help you to find the system, which fits the best to your requirements. You can avoid unnecessary costs in this way.

(Some document reader devices are capable to detect falsified banknotes also. These kinds of document readers may help you to recognize counterfeit money. Of course these kind of document readers need a background database not only about different documents but also about different banknotes. Banknotes may be changed more frequently than official documents therefore the maintenance costs of their database is higher.)

Like in case of license plate recognition systems Elitsec Kft is tracing continuously the document reading and recognition systems of different manufacturers therefore we can choose the most economical solution for our customers. Our experts intend to find your solution according to your requirements. We are capable to execute system integrations, we can write the appropriate software interfaces to your existing systems. If you need more information please contact us.

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