Power supply systems
Power supply systems
Elitsec Kft deals with design, construction, installation, documentation and maintenance of low-, medium- and high voltage power networks. If you need continuous power system we desing your uninterrupted power supply system including its installation. We do continuous maintenance of these power networks according to a maintenance contract for them. We have power-saving technology in case of lighting systems, energy-saving illuminators or energy-saving devices for classic light sources. Please contact us for more information!
Power supply, UPS systems and energy-saving.
Power cabling and energy saving offers

Cabling of electric power supply systems
Uninterrupted power supply systems: delivery, installation, maintenance
Diesel/gas generators: delivery, installation, maintenance
Complete electric power supply systems: planning, construction, maintenance
Electric energy-saving
Energy saving light sources: delivery, installation, maintenance
Energy-saving system for fluorescent light sources
Smart power supply for lighting systems (energy-saving)

Electric power cabling - current supply systems

power supply Elitsec Kft has a professional stuff to plan, construct and maintain different kind of electric power supply systems. Our company is available for you to construct complete cabling works of your current supply systems. We can construct both office and industrial power cabling systems. Besides of construction we also deal with reconstruction of existing electric power supply systems. Like in the case of data networking, this activity is also based on local surveys and of course our quotation is free for our costumers.

We usually try to select the best ergonomically solutions, which are aesthetic, in a case of an office cabling system. Our cable channels, fuse boxes and switch-boxes are selected according to the costumer request and according to the environment where we have to install them. If we are required to install an office environment together with data-, voice-, video- and power networks then we harmonize these activities and we try to cause the shortest break of the office. Our company always tries to find a way to ensure the possibility of uninterrupted power supply system installation.

We intend to yield durable, robust and safety solutions in a case of an industrial implementation. We try to find our culverts, switch-boxes and fuse-boxes that they must be comply with a long lifetime requirement. Our company constructs electric power cabling inside walls; in case channels, in culverts according to the valid standards of Hungary and Europe.

We construct electric current supply cabling systems at small-, medium-, and high voltage environments too. We can install transformer stations in case of high voltage environment and we are also capable to construct main distributor stations in this case. If it is needed we can install electric meters to the installed electric power supply systems. Phasisrepairing devices are also available from us in case of an industrial solution.

Power cabling systems, created by us, always have warranty, we should like to ensure long lifetime of these systems, therefore we usually offer yearly maintenance contract for our customers. Our electric power cabling systems are constructed according to the next standards of Hungary and Europe:

  • MSZ 172/1-86 and 86M (1989) Shock-proof standard
  • MSZ 2364 Building electric standards
  • MSZ 1600 Construction standards below 1000 Volts
  • MSZ 1600-11:1982 Electric areas and laboratories
  • MSZ IEC 1312-1 Standard against lightning
  • MSZ 1585:2001 Rules of power cabling
  • 2/2002 Technical requirements against fire
  • BM 35/1996 (XII.29.) government instruction
  • 1993. year's XCIII law about workers protection
  • MSZ 4851 Law about shock-protection
  • MSZ 4852 about insulations

    Applied shock-protection rules: MSZ 172 / 1-86 M (1989), MSZ 172 / 1-86, MSZ 172 / 1-72, MSZ 172 / 1-62, KLÉSZ, MSZ 172 / 1-52, MSZ 172 / 3, MSZ 172 / 4, ME-124, MSZ 2364. Our company always executes a full measurement of constructed networks, power cabling systems are fully documented, measurements are done according to the concerning standards. You can find references about our power cablings. If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail or phone.

    Uninterrupted power supply systems

    Electric power cabling systems are used for uninterrupted power supply systems (UPS systems) in several cases. Our company designs, constructs and maintains UPS systems and their cabling as one of our most important activities. When we construct computer networks or security systems, it is usually requested to power their elements continuously, therefore batteries or UPS units have to be applied.

    UPS We can offer you small, low performance UPS units in case of small systems, such as personal computers, small local area networks, workstations, small servers and cash registers. These small UPS devices are smart, they may yield 0.8-2 kVA electric throughput. A built-in RS232 interface supports a connection to a computer. This computer can supervise critical parameters of UPS unit. An application software is given to these units, this software can stop different systems including workstations, servers etc. This software stops your systems automatically in a case of a longer powerbreak. You can also construct a remote control system using RS232 connector. It may work via modem and the UPS may inform a remote supervisor about its status (battery mode is on or off, battery low etc). We offer small UPSs with an automatic voltage correction system, which can balance voltage fluctuation of your current supply. This is very important because this process does not need battery operation; this is why lifetime of batteries will be longer in these devices.

    We can offer high performance, robust uninterrupted power supply units in case of large local area networks, server farms, high performance servers, data centers, industrial applications (PLC), alarm systems, monitoring systems. These units request triphase input power, depending on the type of the applied unit their performance is between 8-100 kVA, they may output single-phase or triphase current. Their by-pass time depend on the battery system. Batteries may be sized according to costumer request.

    Our company can offer you a high-availability, high-performance solution in case of higher throughput demand or in case of higher security demands. This solution consists of several UPS units, which works in parallel method. The UPS devices take over the power load in case of a failure or in case of maintenance. This "clustered" UPS system can be maintained easily without breaking power to consumptives. We usually offer installation of a transformer and phasing correction in case of high performance demand. These "clustered" UPS systems are usually requested for medical environments or high-availability data centers.

    If you need uninterrupted power supply system, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do the necessary local survey at your location and we size your UPS system according to the requirements (power, by-pass time etc). We construct you UPS system completely including necessary cabling works.

    Diesel/gas generators

    generator Although by-pass time of uninterrupted power supply systems can be extended, their usage is not economical above a certain limit. This is why Elitsec Kft usually offers diesel or gas generators, which can increase by-pass time as long as necessary.

    Our company has experiences on installing generators in different environments. We have installed both indoor and outdoor systems. We harmonize functioning of UPS and generator systems and this way we construct the most economical solution for you. We construct the necessary cabling, we install distribution systems, so a complete current supply system will be constructed for you.

    Elitsec Kft usually installs high-availability, reliable and robust generators for the costumers. These generators are usually processor controlled. Our generators comply with the concerning energetically and environmental standards. They have noise reduction system and automatic fire protection too. These generators can be started in cold weather also because they are equipped with pre-heater unit. Long by-pass time is ensured with huge capacity fuel tanks. Our generators comply with the next standards: 2006/95/CE, 89/336/CEE, MSZ EN 60439, MSZ EN 60204-1, MSZ EN 12601:2001. If you need more information about generators, please contact us.

    About complex projects

    Elitsec Kft took part in several projects, which required solution of different tasks in the same time. This is why our company is prepared to execute complex projects, where we have to use our knowledge of different activity areas. We are capable to execute tasks of architecture, information technology, power supply cabling and security system construction. Our resources works together on these complex projects, their work is optimized, they are capable to construct absolute new systems or renew existing ones. We can construct a new building or a new data center.

    We design different kind of drawings and we get all the necessary permissions, after planning phase we begin the execution of construction. Our costumers can modify all parts of our plans via a consultation cycle. We can design not only the building and the electrical systems, but we desing lighting system of your building both at indoor and outdoor areas. Our plans may contain all electrical consumptives and we do the installation of them. Our experts design air conditioning systems for the different rooms or for the whole building. The installation of air conditioners can be a part of our projetcs. Our experts can design special heating systems also, we are capable to build heatpump based heating systems too.

    Our company can completely install the infrastructure of a new building or building complex. We can design and construct phone networks, computer networks and security systems and these networks can be installed completely. We can deliver necessary elements of these networks, after delivering them we can fully configure these devices. We are capable to design and construct computer centers, data centers, server farms etc. We should like to raise your attention to the energy-saving lighting technology of us.


    Since Elitsec Kft installs, construct mainly electrical system we think that it is very important to take care on the energy-saving systems. We should like to allow our costumers to spare as much electric energy as possible. To spare electric energy means less emission at the power plants so it saves our environment also; moreover sparing electric energy spares money also. Our website deals with energy saving on the occasion of UPS systems and generators. That energy-saving is accessible only in case of big electric energy consumptives. The biggest consumptives of the electric energy are the lighting systems at offices, factories, streets and almost everywhere. Basic purpose of our company to decrease the costs of lighting energy, because these costs can be spared almost everywhere.

    Energy-saving illuminators

    energy-saving lighting Nowadays there are different kind of illuminators at different offices, workshops, factories, public areas etc. Several viewpoints are known how to choose the best lighting system. There are many people who do not like fluorescent lamps, because these lams are flickering and this fact may hurts the eyes. Other people say that mercury vapor lamps are the bests, because these lamps are energy-saving lamps. There are many kinds of incadescent or fluorescent illuminators on the market and it is a hard task to overview them. We try to find a way for you, how to choose your lighting system.

    A significant development of luminescent lamps could be experienced in the latest time. Luminescent lamps became energy-saving lighting technology. Optical spectra of modern fluorescent lamps has been fitted to human eye sensitivity, therefore these lamps yield the same illumination using less energy. (For example, spectra of a mercury vapor lamp cannot be modified.) Diameter of luminescent lamp became also less; they need less and less room.

    energy-saving lighting Modern fluorescent lamps are controlled by an electrical system, in some cases there is a microprocessor in this logic. These lamps fits better to the human eyes, they are not "blinking" at the frequency of the power supply system (50 or 60 Hz) but controlling electronics ensures their 50 kHz frequency, which cannot be detected by human eyes. Energy-saving fluorescent lamps can be used anywhere!

    You can see the same depot in the pictures on the left side. First picture shows its original mercury vapor lighting system, while second picture was taken with the new fluorescent lamps.

    How much energy can be saved? It depends on your original lighting system. Exchanging incadescents you may spare 70-80% energy, exchanging mercury vapor lamps this ratio maybe above 80%. In case of old fluorescent lamps you may spare 40-50% energy. For example a 250W mercury vapor lamp can be substituted with using one 50W energy-saving fluorescent lamp. It is clear that the prices of these new flourescent lamps are higher than the old ones but taking into account present prices of electrical energy these costs will be re-paid within 2-3 years. (Because of the less power consumption and longer lifetime.)

    energy-saving lighting Elitsec Kft offers delivery, installation and maintenance of energy saving lighting system. If you have an existing lighting system, we can evaluate the possibilities of energy-saving and we compile an appropriate proposal and quotation about the replacement of the lighting. We usually compile an estimation about the amount of energy saving and about reimbursement time.

    The illuminators have warranty and we usually offer a yearly maintenance contract to extend lifetime of lighting system. Replacement of illuminators is free during the warranty period. If you are interested in energy-saving fluorescent lamps please contact us to get more information.

    Energy-saving system for fluorescent lamps

    There is another chance to decrease power consumption in case of gas-discharge or fluorescent light sources without replacement of the lamps of lighting systems. Classic fluorescent, mercury vapor and other gas-discharging light sources belong to this category. This category of lighting system works in a special way, switching on these lamps an ignition effect occurs, which causes a higher power consumption in this phase. Then these lamps are illuminating continuously at a constant power consumption at the given voltage of power supply system. These lamps become warmer during normal lighting mode and this warmup means power loss.

    energy-saving lighting If we decrease voltage of power supply system of these gas-discharge lamps, the illumination will change only a little bit but the lighting system still works. A human eye will not detect illumination changes. This effect is the base of an energy-saving system when using "classic" fluorescent lamps. It is absolutely obvious: Decreasing voltage decreases power consumption because power consumption is the product of voltage and current intensity.

    There is a picture on the left side. The illumination periodically changes in this picture in an 1.2s period cycle. Have you detected this 5% change for the first glance?

    Gas-discharge lamps may work at 180-190V instead of current supplier's 230V in our country and in most countries of Europe. The illumination level of a fluorescent lamp lowered only with 4-6% if we decrease voltage level to 180V. Sensitivity scale of a human eye is logarithmic, so this decrement of illumination is almost undetectable. (Have you detected in the picture?) Electric power consumption is lowered much more using this method, only the decrement of voltage must cause 21 percent save in power consumption, but there are other effects too. There are other accompanying effects too. Temperature of the illuminators become lower this is why their power consumption is lowered additionally. We can achieve 25-40% (in special cases 50%) energy saving when applying this method.

    The illuminators "are getting old" slower because of their lower temperature, this is why these illuminators shall have longer lifetime. These relative "younger" illuminators keeps their illumination capacity for a longer time, therefore these lamps will yield more illumination than a "normal" lighting system when the lamps become older. We have written that the illumination level of these lamp systems is 4/6% lower than a normal lighting system in case of new lamps, but this fact "countervailed" during their lifetime. This is why it is definitely determined, that this method of energy saving can be considered very useful from different points of view.

    The only question is: How to do this task at a minimized power loss?

    Smart power supply for lighting systems (energy-saving)

    Elitsec Kft sells, delivers and installs different kinds of smart power supply units for the cutomers. All of these devices works according to the basic theorem written above. There are some differences in their control only, this is why the prices of these units maybe different. All of these devices decrease voltage of fluorescent lamps and this fact ensures energy-saving. These devices are categorized as low-, medium- and high performence units.

    energy-saving lighting There are many different kind of devices in low-energy category. A simple insulation box with simple circuit in it, or CPU controlled systems too. These devices can be connected to 230 V lighting circuits and may yield 0-2000 VA output performance. All of them can be used with any fluorescent light source. These units can be installed in small offices or shops.
    energy-saving lighting Medium category devices may serve lighting systems between 3 kVA and 20 kVA. These units are able to serve more than one independent lighting circuits. They may be operated from single phase or triphase input power also. These devices can be used in case of energy-saving operation of lighting system of bigger offices, workshops or staircases.
    energy-saving lighting High performance lighting systems need high througput energy-saving power supply units, these are working between 15 kVA and 250 kVA. These units need triphase input power. Output voltage usually can be tuned manually. These devices have their own cooling system and temperature check system. They comply to IP54 and IP32 standards. We suggest using these high performance devices for lighting systems at big industrial halls.
    energy-saving lighting We should like to suggest using outdoor power-saving systems, which comply to IP43 or IP44 standards in case of outdoor lighting. These devices can be installed in open areas, such as big industrial fields, streets, roads, and any other places. These units are available at different performance levels, their maximal throughput is around 250 kVA.

    Manufacturers of these devices usually guarantee 25% power saving. Before any implementation of an energy-saving power supply device Elitsec Kft executes a careful local survey. According to the results of this survey we give you a proposal about the possible implementation. If it is necessary our company constructs all necessary elements of your new energy saving implementation, including cable extensions, distributors and accompanying devices. In case of energy-savers our company gives you a complete, turn key solution. If you are interested in any kind of these products, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone. We are going to introduce different products on our news page at our website.

    Thank you for visiting our page of current supply systems!
    If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us!
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