IT, Power Supply, Security
IT, Power Supply, Security
Our company has expiriences of decades about information technology (IT), power supply systems, telecommunication and security systems. We costruct different networks for communication and current supply systems. Please read our WEB pages to get more information about us!
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data networks,power networks,security systems,property defence,construction,reconstruction,planning,designDear Visitor! Welcome to the renewed website of Elitsec Kft.! We are going to introduce our different activities in a more detailed form than it had been done at our previous website. We should like to present our appropriate references and, of course, you can find here our detailed contact information also.

Although Elitsec Kft. was originally founded to deal with safety and security technology in 1996, our activities have been extended continuously for different other areas. Information technology became more and more important, so we began to deal with planning, construction and documentation of IT. We began to construct data/communication networks and power networks in the year of 2000. We deal with installation of structured networks of different copper cabling (UTP, STP, SFTP) and fiber optics cabling also.

We are going to establish good connections with companies who give us stable, and high quality services. This is why we have chosen market leader companies to deliver different parts of our systems. This fact guarantees high quality and reliability of those systems, which are constructed by us.

The Elitsec Kft. is a relevant supplier of the governmental and enterpriser customers. There are more and more of our clients, who consider us to be their first level and privileged supplier, because of our consequent and continuous high quality servicing policy. It is very important to us to deliver technologically unified, efficiently working data or power systems for our costumers. If you need to build data, video, telecommunication or wireless network, power supply system, security system or your building need reconstruction, construction, please contact Elitsec Kft.

Our basic purpose: High quality service

It is absolutely purposed that we should like to construct the extensions and modernization of networks we constructed before. For this purpose, we are continuously monitoring the latest news of our activities; we are continuously applying the latest technologies. Leadership of our company wants to keep on development of our knowledge base and we also want to decrease environmental problems concerning our activities. This is why we require our employees:

  • to increase their knowledge and its quality, and to pay attention to environmental problems,
  • to pay extra attention on the natural and artificial environment during their work,
  • to use only quality controlled material when building different systems and networks.
  • according to this purpose, our company was audited on June 26th, 2006. This quality control found that we were compatible with ISO 9001:2000 standard

    We believe that we have to construct our information technology and power supply systems unexceptionally. Our partners require quality and guarantee from us. We believe that only a well-organized company can execute high quality works.

    Data, video, telecommunication and wireless networks

    data networks,video networks,wireless networks,telecommunicationElitsec Kft does several different works in connection with data networks independently of the fact if they are wireless or wire based realization of communication networks.

    We apply modern solutions of latest technologies at different areas. We have already constructed data, video or voice communication systems in offices, industrial environment, moreover several times in historical buildings.

    Wide variety of different racks, cable channels, wall-sockets ensures you, that your office or manufacturing company will be equipped with those elements and devices, which fit the best way to your environment and these units are the most efficient and highest quality. Of course, a local survey is usually executed before we design the appropriate solutions. You may make your own decision according to these designs before we build your cabling system.

    Elitsec Kft executes the installation of all network elements if you order a complete network system. Our firm also does all necessary network tests and if it is necessary, customizes the network. A full documentation is always supplied. Elitsec Kft also deals with renewal, testing and documentation of older networks independently of their installer. After a new installation or a renewal we always offer you a maintenance agreement to ensure the long-term usage of your network.

    wireless networkElitsec Kft installs wireless networks according to the requirements of our current ages or according to the requirements of certain circumstances. Construction of wireless networks may mean construction of different systems. It may be a "classic hotspot" in an office or in a hotel, but it may be a long distance microwave connection between two points (point to point connection) and finally it may be a satellite connection system too.

    We construct wireless networks with the same conditions like wired ones. Our activities are the same. We perform you a full local survey at the place of implementation, then you will get a planning documentation, according this documentation, we shall construct your wireless network. We shall offer you a yearly maintenance contract, which ensures that your wireless network will serve you for a long time.

    Since we have professional specialists, who have experiences to install wireless networks under difficult circumstances, we can install your wireless network at special environments - like at a top of a water tower. We can configure, customize these networking devices almost anywhere. We can give you special advices about wireless applications.

    Elitsec Kft installs your computers, server systems, phone centers and other IT systems on the constructed networks. We do a network test for you and we set the optimal parameters of your networks according to our test results.

    Our main activities in connection with data/video/voice networks:

  • System integration,
  • Planning, constructing structured networks,
  • Planning, constructing wireless networks,
  • Installing, programming, commerce of networking elements,
  • Phone network installation,
  • Installation, programming and commerce of phone centers,
  • Installation, programming and commerce of IP phone systems,
  • Measuring, optimization, maintenance of existing networks,
  • Remote control of networks,
  • Construction of complete networks

    Power supply systems, UPS systems

    power supply,current supply,UPSElitsec Kft is a professional company of current supply systems at different areas. We have constructed different kind of power supply systems at different environments like offices, industrial areas and open-air areas. We have contracted low-, medium- and high voltage systems and our customers have been satisfied with our solutions. If you have an existing current supply system we can execute its measurement, we can renew the different elements and cables of it. After visiting the scene we can give you advices how to modify your power network structure to improve its capacity or to make it safer.

    Our power supply networks are built according to the concerning standards in every cases, they are equipped with overvoltage protection and if it is necessary we apply stroke protection against lightning damages. Long life culverts, most durable fixings are applied in case of an industrial environment. Ergonomic viewpoints are taken into account in a case of an office implementation, so your switch-boxes and fuse-boxes will match your environment, while in a case of an industrial solution our basic viewpoint is the durability.

    UPS, generatorUninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems and the connected power cabling with its outlets is usually requested in a case of a power network construction because most of information technology devices may be damaged in a case of a powerbreak. We have differently sized UPS units with different by-pass time to satisfy the different claims of our customers. In a case of an UPS sizing we are available for a preliminary guidance at your field.

    We can offer you generators also if you need a longer by-pass time at your site. Generators are installed with their complete wire systems. We do sizing of generator stations according to our costumer requests after a field study.

    In a case of high power consumption, Elitsec Kft offers installation of transformer stations, or we can replace your existing transformer. Transformers are usually installed with their accompanying equipments; we install these systems completely (as a turn-key solution). (Distributors, wires, fuses etc.)

    We can also offer installation of electric meters into your system.

    There are two other projects of us, which are connected to our electric power network project, we have a lighting technology and an energy saving projetcs too. Elitsec Kft applies top technology to spare energy consumption of lighting systems. Energy saving fluorescents may be applied to substitute old incadescent or classic flourescents, but there is another new technology to spare energy with your existing old lighting system. This is based on smart transformers, which allow you to use your old fluorescent lighting with lower level power consumption. This technology may spare 50% energy and beyond this fact, it longers flurescents' lifetime because they will be less used at lower energy level but illuminance will be almost the same at your office.

    Our electric power network planning, construction is always based on a local visit at your area. Our free quotation is given to our costumer after consultations. You may ask for our expert's report about modernization or renewal of your existing current supply system. Power networks are always built with warranty for you; you may order their yearly maintenance from us.

    Our main activities in connection with power supply systems:

  • Cabling of power networks,
  • System engineering,
  • Sizing, design of UPS systems,
  • Constructing UPS power cabling,
  • Sizing generators,
  • Generator installation and tuning to UPS systems,
  • Commerce of UPS devices and generators,
  • Sizing and installation of transformer stations,
  • Installation of electric meters,
  • Modernization of lighting systems,
  • Installation of energy saving technology for lighting systems,
  • Building lightning protection systems for building or open areas,
  • Construction/maintenance of complete electric power supply systems

    Security technologies, safeguarding technologies

    Would you like to avoid visits of strange people at your company? We assume that the answer is yes. Nowadays, security technologies are more and more important. Most of the enterprisers want to keep his company in safe, they want to check persons, vehicles arriving at their areas. Our company may offer you different technologies to solve these tasks automatically.

    entry point, entry gateThe simplest way to check persons can be realized using a simple entry gate at the entry points. These gates can be used for several purposes and several cases. This solution works under human supervision, so it is necessary to have somebody at the gate. (If you have a doorkeeper anyway, you can apply this simplest system. This technology is usually used to let in your clients into the office or somewhere else. The gate itself is only a symbolic unit; it is not a real obstacle.)

    These entry points are installed according to the customer order. Traffic measurements have to be executed before such installation. Design of the gates is always consulted with our costumer. All the electronic devices, which are necessary to operate an entry point is delivered and installed during the installation period. According to the customer request Elitsec Kft may install a counter system or a registry system attached to the gate.

    document reading and authenticationIn a case of a rigorous check-in method, gates must work together with other technologies. Most rigorous solutions works with document reading and authentication and personal authentication methods. There are several kinds of such devices, which ensure document identity and holder identity. Elitsec Kft gathered significant experiences during its collaboration with the Hungarian Borderguards. Several systems have been installed at the border crossing points.

    The application area of these authentication systems is very wide. There is several kind of technology available in the international market to implement this technology. (From simple magnetic stripes to the difficult biometric indentification systems.) Beyond the police applications, we should like to offer these systems for other clients too. (e.g. for rigorously guarded IT centers). This seems to be less important, but it would be important to know identity of a guest in a case of an international hotel too.

    license plate recognition, LPRBeside of personal identification systems, Elitsec Kft also deals with vehicle identification too. License plate reading and recognition systems are available to construct appropriate vehicle entry points for you. These systems can be used for different purposes at different areas: from critical police applications to simple parking areas. Elitsec Kft have installed such systems at border crossing point of Hungary. Those critical applications gave us tremedous experiences about installation of automatic number plate recognition systems.

    Our company also deals with a special application of automatic number reading systems. We have a solution to read container numbers. This system can be used at different ship ports, railway stations and long vehicle parking areas to check container numbers automatically.

    monitoring,movement detection,alarm systemElitsec Kft offers installation of high quality monitoring systems for the costumers. We install these systems together with movement detection software or if it is necessary, with movement detection hardware. (e.g. step sensor) Our most modern systems allow you to monitor your office or your factory from your home. (Internet based technology allows this.)

    These video monitoring systems can be used to guard your office or to check your guard (if there is any). Monitoring systems may be used as alarm systems too. Local governments may use these systems to check public areas. Our monitoring systems can be used either inside building or in open areas. All the necessary technologies will be installed including communication networks, power supplies and UPS devices by us.

    We may offer several other solutions of security technology for our customers. Special security doors, security locks, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, automatic fire extinguisher systems etc. We have been collecting our safeguarding experiences for more than 10 years; we hope that we can offer an appropriate solution for you too.

    Our main activities in connection with security systems:

  • Planning, installation of entry points,
  • Planning, installation, delivery of document reading systems,
  • Planning, installation of license plate recognition systems,
  • Construction of complete vehicle entry points with checking system,
  • Construction of monitoring systems,
  • Planning, installation of movement detection system,
  • Installation of alarm systems,
  • Planning, installation of automatic fire alarm/extinguisher systems,
  • Maintenance of previously built systems

    Building construction and reconstruction

    building, contsruction, reconstruction Elitsec Kft encountered architectural problem several times, while we were executing different projects at different locations. This is why it was necessary to find professionals, who could solve these kinds of tasks. Then, these kinds of works and projects became a part of our profile as an additional activity.

    We are capable to work on different reconstruction works: to replace old, obsolete doors and windows with modern ones; to replace old heat insulation with new one; to do different other inside and outside works like paintworks etc. Of course we can replace the old electric wires at a building both current supply and communication lines. We can replace old lighting systems with energy-saving lighting technology.

    In a case of a new building construction Elitsec Kft do all the necessary works from the local field study, through all the phases of planning and design (including 3D designs) and we get all permissions from authorities, than finally, after we construct everything, the customer will get a ready made building. If there are any problems during this process we always harmonize them, consulting to our customer, keeping his point of view in the focus.

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