LAN and WAN installation
LAN and WAN installation
Elitsec Kft can install local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) for different purposes. These networks can be used for data communication, video conference systems and voice communication, or for any combination of them. Installation, measurement, documentation and maintenance of these networks are one of our main profile. Elitsec Kft installs phone centers and active networking devices. If you require we can supervise these units remotely. Please contact us to get more information!
LAN/WLAN/WAN/VLAN design and installation.
Network construction offers

Structured cabling systems: planning, construction, maintenance.
Networking devices: installation, customization, documentation, maintenance.
Wireless networks: planning, construction, documentation, maintenance.
Phone systems, phone centers: installation, maintenance, remote supervision.
WiFi system for small communities (schools, companies, villages)

About connection between IT systems and networking

Information technology, computers and communication reached almost all fields of our everyday life. Operations of economical and financial sphere need more and more information, this is why it is very important how fast these information can be accessed for the decision-makers. Communication technology is becoming more and more important both at office and at industrial areas. Internet became an integral part of our life, companies cannot work without fast information transfers, leaders cannot make decisions on time without their e-mail systems etc. Elitsec Kft may help you to construct the infrastructure frame of your fast communication system using most modern technologies. Our professionals are practiced in construction of local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN). We install your networking devices like switches, routers, we configure them according to your request and we may supervise certain elements remotely. Our company ensures long lifetime of your network system with maintenance contracts.

Structured cabling systems

Structured network Basic theorem of a structured network is shown in the picture left. Structured network requires different network distributor units; number and size of these units depend on the size of the area to be cabled and on the geometry of the given area. The number of these distributors also depends on the cabling type. Type of a cabling systems determine the speed of the given network. Elitsec Kft proposes replacement in the case of older cabling systems and of course our company can do this replacement. Such type of cabling systems are:

  • CAT3 cabling systems (Category 3): These cablings were used for data and voice connection. It has 16 MHz bandwidth and its maximum speed is 10 Mbit/s. It was used with 10BASE-T or with 4 MHz Token-Ring architectures.

  • CAT4 cabling systems (Category 4): These cablings were also used for data and voice connection. This works at 20 MHz bandwidth. It could work at speed of 16 Mbit/s, when using UTP cables.

  • These types of networks are obsolete nowadays. Elitsec Kft constructs mainly CAT5, CAT6, CAT7 based structured networks for the customers. (Of course, if our customer wishes to install an older system we do it.) Our cabling systems are compatible with the most common used networking standards, like 100 Mbit/s Ethernet networks. In a case of a higher demand, we use CAT7 cabling system for 1 Gbit/s networking devices.

    In case of longer distances or higher speeds fiber optics cables are applied. Basic advantage of fiber optics cabling is the higher speed, but there are other advantages also. Whilst electro-magnetic fields, such as radio waves or transformers magnetic fields, may disturb a copper based network till then fiber optics cables cannot be disturbed. Another advantage of fiber optics cabling, that it cannot be bugged (wire-tapped).

    Elitsec Kft always perform a local survey at your location if you order a structured cabling system construction or reconstruction. According to this survey, we give you a proposal about the possible implementation. This proposal contains our detailed imaginations and a free quotation. Our structured cabling systems are fully tested and full documented before they are given back to production. We also construct the necessary power cabling works. (If workstations have no power plugs.)
    culvert Our company always offer you appropriate culverts, which fits the best to your environment. Wide variety of culvert available in different colors and different styles. When we construct your cabling system in your office we take care on the convenient usage of our cabling systems.

    Connectors and sockets are signed in each case. Our company uses unambiguous numbers or descriptions besides the different connectors. Data- or phone connectors are signed according to our documentation and measurement reports, this is why they can be identified later without any problem. We apply different color connectors in case of power supply to distinct UPS connectors.

    racks It is necessary to apply distributor elements in case of structured networks, these elements are placed in racks. There are different size and style racks, we always suggest to apply most optimal size racks. When we construct a structured cabling system we usually assume that the network may be extended in the future, this is why racks must be oversized a little bit. (There must be some spare room in the racks.)

    According to our preliminary local survey we optimize the locations of the racks in the given area. We are ready to deliver, install different racks, from the smallest 6 U sized (6 unit) racks up to the large 42 U sized "wardrobes". Patch panels and other units of the racks are mounted at the final location after delivery. (Active networking units can be installed after patch panels.)

    In the case of a small structured network, so called SOHO (Small Office - Home Office), we usually suggest to use small (6-12 U sized) racks, which can be well fitted in an office environment. In most cases these racks can be hide somewhere in the background, but they are also aesthetic when they are wall-mounted. In case of larger networks we apply big racks, which must be placed on the floor. These racks must be used in case of big computer centers at size of 33-42 U.

    Constructed structured cabling systems have warranty from us. Our cabling systems are designed for long term usage. We should like to extend their lifetime as long as possible therefore we always offer a yearly maintenance contract for our costumers. Our company constructed or reconstructed more than 100 structured networks, you may check it at our references page of this website.

    Active and passive networking elements

    The established structured cabling systems can be used to establish different kind of logical networks. These different logical networks need different active and passive networking devices. Our company delivers, installs and configures these units at your location. Configuration parameters will be documented according to international standards.

    networking elements Our company implements any kind of logical networks on your physical cabling system, we always try to find a way to create the highest speed for your communication. This process is called network optimization, in which our professionals have much experience. The exact segmentation of a physical network mean the exact optimization of different networking activities. This task can be executed on an existing network also, this is why please contact us if you experience that your existing network cannot provide such performance, as you require it.

    Our company pay attention for delivering most modern and most durable SOHOs, SWITCHs BRIDGEs and ROUTERs. We usually apply 3COM or CISCO active networking elements, but we can deliver devices of other manufacturers also and we are able to install and configure these devices too.

    The applied SWITCH devices usually match to high demands: PoE - is available on the Ethernet ports, automatic speed sensing capability for 10/100/1000 Mbit/s connection, uplink ports, OoS mechanisms, SNMP, telnet, and other management facilities, VLAN support, RIP and static routing. In the case of higher demands our switches has optical connection facilities, including transceiver ports of 1000BASE-LX/LH connectors. These switches are required only in case of large and high capacity networking systems. Most of switches, delivered by us, are compatible with Cisco Works management system.

    Our professionals install SWITCH units at your location according to your requests. When SWITCH devices are configured, all of the adjustment parameters are documented by our professionals. If you are not sure about your network settings our experts may give you special advices and your network optimization will help your office to work faster.

    complete network Best routers may serve your connection to the Internet or to your own WAN. Our staff will install and configure your router to use E1/T1/ISDN-PRI networking modules or to use of Frame Relay or PPP protocols. (These protocols are used in WANs.)

    We can configure EIGRP, OSPF or RIP2 routing protocols. If you need special routing system, we can configure different VPN protocols also (IPSec, 3DES, L2TP, AES, DMVPN or V3PN networks). Our configurations are always optimized.

    Our staff is familiar with handling of the next software protocols: IP Access Lists L3 i L4 -RIP, EIGRP, OSPF; DLSw (RFC 1795), DLSw CO features, DLSw V2, DLSw+, DLSw+ Enhanced Load Balancing, DLSw+ Ethernet Redundancy, DLSw+ Peer Group Clusters, DLSw+ RSVP Bandwidth Reservation, DLSw+ SNA Type of Service, DLSw+ Support For Transporting LLC1 UI Traffic, Frame Relay Access Support (FRAS) Dial Backup over DLSW+; Multichassis MultiLink PPP (MMP) ; Qualified Logical Link Control (QLLC); RIF Passthru in DLSw+; SDLC-to-LAN conversion (SDLLC); Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC).

    Elitsec Kft can design communication system for your full computer system and beyond design we can construct, install, configure and maintain your full system. According to our experiences we can ensure your access not only to your own LAN or WAN, but across your networks to the Internet. If you are interested in our network construction capabilities please ask for more information from us via e-mail or phone.

    Wireless networks, WLANs

    Instead of structured cabling systems or beside the structured cabling systems you may need network, which gives some kind of freedom for your users. This network works without wires, this is why it is called wireless network. Wireless networks are based on electromagnetic waves, microwaves. Wireless networks may extend your cabled networks or may substitute them. You may order less number of connectors to your wired network if you extend it with wireless hot spots. More users can use your network in this case. If you have several local area network at your offices or at your industrial areas you may connect them with point to point connection of microwave antennas, which works at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidth and these connections may extend your WAN to several kilometers. (This case there is no need to construct cable connection between your LAN systems.) You may increase safety of your wide area network if you apply a wireless backup system, which is automatically takes over the traffic of your wired WAN if there is any failure on it.

    microwave connection Our special experts can install microwave antennas (of point to point connections) in extreme circumstances, environments. We have an alpinist, who can configure, fine tune, optimize these units at high positions. We have installed point to point connections between antennas at the top of water-towers. You can see such an antenna at top of a water-tower in the picture on the left side.

    point to point connection You can connect two local area networks using microwave connection. You can see basic theorem of connection between a microwave system and a LAN in the figure on the right side.

    We should like to emphasize the quality of microwave point to point connections also. We always give you a high quality system this is valid for our microwave technology too. If it is required or it necessary our systems contain a bandpass filter to enhance signal/noise ratio at our transmission system. We always supply security systems to protect our customers against bugging their data, this is why our indoor units usually works with IPSEC security method.

    If you have two local area networks, which are distant from each other and you would like to connect these LANs, we should like to suggest using microwave point to point connection between them. Contact us in this case! We shall go to these locations to do a local survey and we shall give you our proposal how to connect your LANs. Our quotation is free for you!

    WLAN WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) technology allows you to extend the availability of your local area network, or to access internet from larger areas. WLAN technology is most needed when you have users, who have to be able to access your databases or the Internet while they are moving. (e.g. in big store-houses)

    Elitsec Kft have installed and configured several WLAN networks for the Hungarian Borderguards. These WLANs are used at different railway stations. Passport control officers may access their different databases via these WLANs even if they are inside of a train. (These networks are absolutely secured.)

    A very careful local survey is necessary before installation of a WLAN network. Our company always do this survey and takes into account the different geometrical circumstances. Our imaginations are always harmonized with our customer. Our experiences may help us to construct reliable and secure WLAN systems for you also.

    WLAN security We assume that you have already heard about a security problem of WLAN systems. Security system of WLANs is based on an old standard, this is why it is a real problem with them. The problem is valid for those WLANs, which are based on 802.11b standard. This standard contains WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), this protocol is the security method. (It is based on old standards therefore it is obsolete nowadays.) Elitsec Kft has a solution, which eliminates this security problem when using WLAN. This solution is called RADIUS server, which generates temporary security keys instead of WEP, which uses a fix key to ensure security. When using RADIUS server, WLAN clients uses RADIUS protocol to access network, this is why WLAN security level becomes equivalent with cabled networks.

    Our firm is available for you any time to design, to construct, to document and to maintain WLAN systems. Our networks have warranty from us and we usually offer a yearly maintenance contract for our costumers to ensure long lifetime of WLANs constructed by us. Please view our references about WLANs and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions via e-mail or phone.

    Phone systems, phone centers

    Besides computer systems, constructed cabling system can also be used to install phone systems and phone centers. Both digital and analogue phone systems may be used. IP phone systems can be used in case of computer networks if the appropriate active networking devices are installed. Elitsec Kft usually suggest to use such devices, which can handle IP phone technology.

    Our experts are familiar with installation, configuration and customization of small, medium and large phone centers. They install different phone centers professionally. Our firm deals with mainly Panasonic, Ericsson and Siemens phone centers, but on the occasion of an order we are ready to install other type of phone centers too. Our basic activities in case of phone technology:

  • delivery and installation of analogue phones,
  • delivery and installation of digital phones,
  • delivery and installation of IP phones,
  • delivery and installation of PBX systems,
  • delivery, installation, customization of phone centers,
  • remote supervision of phone centers

    We should like to raise your attention for our remote supervising service, which could serve your phone center too. Our expert is available any time (24/7/365) and he can repair your phone center in a case of a failure anytime. If you need more information please contact us.

    WiFi system for small communities


    Elitsec Kft has "invented" that system, which is shown in the picture above, for schools, because it is very important to access school system for the pupil in their free time or in breaks. Originally these systems were installed in high schools and at universities. It could be important in a case of a big company also and a small village can also solve the problem of the Internet access using this method. We combine cabling systems and WLANs in this systems, therefore this system can be used inside of building and in open-air areas too. You can use Internet access and phones where buildings are cabled, Internet is available from open areas.

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